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          Corporate Culture
          Corporate Philosophy
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          Thanksgiving, return, love and responsibility

          Our philosophy

          Create value for customers, for shareholders interests
          For staff to create the future for the community to create prosperity.

          Our services

          Service by the quality of the market, companies rely on faith and development.

          View our clients

          Good relations are the basis of cooperation, quality and credibility of the secret of success.

          Our spirit

          Create harmony, the pursuit of excellence.

          Shanghai Jianqiao group   Jianqiao Shipping companies
          .All Right revesved? Jianqiao Eneryg Co.,Ltd Zhejiang
          Address:Zhejiang province Zhoushan City Dinghai Garam streets maritime Lau seventeen layer  Zip Code:316041  Tel:0086-0580—8171116
          Website:www.agcpforum.com  E-mail:zjjqny99@263.net