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          Zhejiang Jianqiao Energy Development Co.,Ltd is registered at Zhoushan Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau of Zhejiang province in July,2005 with the registered capital of 210 million RMB. The project ‘Ningbo-Zhoushan Port’s XIXIEZHI Oil Storage and Transportation’ we invested is a key private project in Zhejiang province which is approved by competent authorities in China including National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), State Administration of Work Safety, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Transportation, State Ocean Administration, etc. Our company is now focusing on sales of refined oil, fuel oil, lubricant oil, chemical products, oil concocting, oil supply, warehousing and transshipping of oil products with the certificate of storage and business of oil products issued by Ministry of Commerce.
            The total area of our oil tank is 270 acre (about 18 hectare) during which 70 acre is reserved for future expanding. Presently the total storage capacity is divided into two sections: upgraded section and new section. For upgraded section, the total capacity is 50000 m3 which includes 4 tanks with the capacity of 10,000m3 each and 1 tank with the capacity of 3000 m3, 2 tanks with the capacity of 2000 m3 each as well as 2 tanks with the capacity of 1500 m3 .Besides, in this section we also have one port with the capacity of 18,000 ton (has been upgraded to 35000 ton) whose water depth of wharf apron is -13 meter. This port is also equipped with 3 loading arms with the draft diameter of 10 inches and the max flow volume of 2400 m3/h. For new section, there are 3 tanks with the capacity of 50,000m3 each and 6 tanks with the capacity of 10,000 m3 each, 2 tanks with the capacity of 30,000 m3 each and 4 tanks ...... >>>more
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          .All Right revesved? Jianqiao Eneryg Co.,Ltd Zhejiang
          Address:Zhejiang province Zhoushan City Dinghai Garam streets maritime Lau seventeen layer  Zip Code:316041  Tel:0086-0580—8171116
          Website:www.agcpforum.com  E-mail:zjjqny99@263.net